As some of you may or may not know, we sold out of the Vibrato within an hour of launching on May 16th. Meanwhile we had a feeling it would go quick, we’ve been blown away by the interest and support for its launch right away.

Since things have been moving quickly we wanted to create this quick update and FAQ to address some of the questions we've seen come through. If your question isn't addressed here please send us an email at or DM us on our socials.


Can I still purchase the Vibrato through your website?

Yes, even though we sold through our initial stock of the Vibrato, it is still available for purchase as a pre-order and will be shipped to you as soon as possible.


How long will it take to receive my order?

We’re a small team here but trust when we say it’s all hands on deck right now to get these out to you guys as fast as we can.

Expect a delay of 3-4 weeks since your order date.


Where can I purchase the Vibrato besides your website?

You can still purchase the Vibrato directly from the Diamond website, our official Reverb listing or a participating authorized Diamond Pedals retailer.


Will my order include the Panasonic NOS MN3007 chip?

Yes. When we said “the first few hundred Vibratos will be loaded with these BBDs” what we meant was that we're still building what we consider the first batch with the stock we already have on hand.

Not only do we have more chips in stock, we recently were able to secure another batch of them.


What if I haven’t placed a pre-order yet but plan to, will it still contain the Panasonic NOS chip?

Yes. As mentioned above, we still have inventory and managed to secure another batch of them. We have enough chips to fulfill our current backlog of orders in addition to any orders coming in.


What about orders placed on or from an authorized Diamond retailer?

Yes. All purchases of the Vibrato through our listing on or an approved Diamond retailer will have the same Panasonic NOS chips.

Our selling partners will be the first to know if and when that changes so that they will be able to communicate that to you before purchasing.


What happens when there are no more Panasonic NOS MN3007s?

We'll be sure to make a clear announcement on our social media, newsletter and website when we make a switch to current production Xvive MN3007s. You will know if the switch happened before you place an order.


What’s the difference between the Panasonic NOS MN3007s and the current production Xvive MN3007s?

While the OG Panasonic NOS MN3007s definitely have pedigree, the current production Xvive MN3007 sound excellent, so you can rest assured no matter what, that you’re still getting that signature Diamond Vibrato tone.

How does the Vibrato compare to the original?

We’ve gotten so much encouraging and positive feedback about the Vibrato, especially in how it compared to the OG. Listen for yourself: