SolidGoldFX is thrilled to announce the massive honour of taking on the legacy of Diamond pedals. Diamond has been a brand we have admired for years and to be able to continue the story of one of the greatest Canadian brands is beyond words for us. 

Rumours of Diamond quietly closing shop had made their way to us in October of last year. We reached out to see if we could help, be it manufacturing, parts, R&D, or any other part of the pedal making process. In essence, we wanted to do our part in keeping this pedal institution alive. One thing led to another and SolidGoldFX ended up purchasing the Diamond pedal brand and intellectual rights from Polyblend Inc - the parent company of Diamond pedals.

SolidGoldFX and Diamond Pedals will remain separate brands built under the same roof in our Montreal, Canada shop. While both brands might share a thing or two, Diamond will stay Diamond and SGFX will remain SGFX.

We are in the midst of updating the future Diamond lineup. The Diamond sound, quality and recognizable branding will remain with a few modernized touches made with some updated parts and manufacturing processes. The circuits you know and love will remain just that. Development has been completed and production has started with a handful of beloved Diamond Pedals in the lineup and more will be added in the future.

SolidGoldFX only acquired the Diamond Pedals brand, trademarks and intellectual property rights from the parent company, Polyblend Inc. prior to their closure. No parts or stock were included in the sale given the circumstances and with certain parts being obsolete or difficult to source, we may not be able to repair previously built Diamond Pedals. If you have an older Diamond pedal that needs some love, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.