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Jan 21/14-Drop by and visit us at NAMM 2014 this week! We're in Hall D, booth 3492. See you there!

Oct.3/12-We've added selectable dotted eighth functionality for tap delay on the Quantum Leap, updated in the revised Quantum Leap User Manual.

Seotember 26/12-Five star tone!! Check out Premier Guitar's review of the Quantum Leap at Premier Guitar magazine's Diamond Pedals Quantum Leap Review.

September 21/12-The very first QL's have begun shipping out to dealers!

August 12/12-The Quantum Leap is almost ready! Just prepping for production, here is a first draft of the Quantum Leap User Manual.

July 3/12-Check out a new Quantum Leap sample.... here we use two different QL's with two different mode settings - harmonic delay and modulated delay - plus an MLJr, Trem and Comp in the chain: Click QuantumLeapChain to play. Guitar: Gibson SG, Amp: Maz Jr NR

April 25/12-The Cornerstone Drive is now shipping! Click Tele_Deluxe_Cornerstone to play an audio sample of the Cornerstone sitting between a Tele and a '57 reissue Deluxe (the sample has a short section with no effect, followed by the Cornerstone).

February 13/12-Click MLJr2012-demo to watch a demo of the MLJr 'short delay' 600 ms mode that we launched at NAMM 2012. This new MLJr mode, like the Memory Lane 1 and 2 analog delays, generates pitch variations when either moving the delay knob or tapping a new tempo. <warning: large 99M (!) video download>

February 6/12-Click Quantum_Muzak to hear a GarageBand backed set of guitar parts using the Quantum Leap. Left to right you can hear a) clean strat w/Quantum Leap in delay mode b) clean strat w/Quantum Leap using 'controlled feedback mode delay' c) clean strat w/Quantum Leap pitch shift and 'controlled feedback mode' delay d) Cornerstone distorted strat w/Quantum Leap in delay mode. All guitar parts recorded through a Maz 18 Jr NR. The clip showcases how the foot controllable pitch shift mode can be used to add atmosphere to a track.

January 25/12-Just back from NAMM, we had an awesome time, thanks so much to everyone for dropping by and saying hi! Click here for a series of pics from the show.

January 15/12-NAMM 2012 starts this week! Jan 19-22 in Anaheim, we'll be in Hall D, booth 3492 - same location as last year. We'll have cool new things to try out (like the Cornerstone and Quantum Leap pictured below), and of course Diamond T-shirt swag...Aimish and I are looking forward to seeing everyone!

March 1/11-The MLJR is NOW SHIPPING, coming soon to a dealer near you!

February 5/11-Thanks to everyone who dropped by the NAMM 2011 Diamond Pedals booth, it was great meeting you!

January 10/11- Wow, NAMM 2011... sounds futuristic doesn't it? If your at the show be sure to drop by our booth (3492, Hall D) to check out our newest products including the Memory Lane Jr, Maquis Germanium Boost and a new prototype drive pedal we've been working on:


October 22/10 - Check out this month's issue of Premier Guitar featuring a custom Diamond Halo Chorus on one of four collectible covers. Click here for a chance to win this custom pedal!

September 8 /10 - While it's been a while since we posted on the website, we've been regularly posting updates via our Facebook page. The Marquis Germanium treble boost is just about ready to begin production, we're working on getting the Memory Lane Jr. finished up and we're super happy to have Ed O'Brien of Radiohead using several of our pedals (Tremolo, Compressor and Memory Lane 2). Ed tells us he loves the pedals and has already used the Memory Lane 2 on a track for their new album.

April 8 /10 - Work continues on the Memory Lane Junior design. We've just posted some clips recorded for us by Jamie Robinson. You can check them out here-

Memory Lane Jr. Clips

March 8 /10 - Our German Distributor iMusix Network will be showcasing Diamond pedals at the 2010 Musikmesse from March 24 to 27, 2010. If you are attending the show, be sure to stop by and see them in Hall 3.1, Booth D61.

January 11 /10 - Diamond Pedals will be attending the 2010 NAMM Show, January 12-19th Anaheim, California. Be sure to drop by and see us at Booth #3097, Hall D. We'll be showing the new Tremolo pedal as well as a couple of other things we're working on- one with a vintage vibe, the other, a new take on a familiar Diamond product.

Please note that emails and phone calls will be returned as soon as we're back. Thanks!

December 16 /09 - Tremolo pedals are now available at many dealers. See the Tremolo product page for more info. Also, Diamond Pedals will be attending the 2010 NAMM Show, January 14-17 Anaheim, California. Be sure to drop by and see us at Booth #3097, Hall D.

October 13 /09 - Please note our new address:

Diamond Pedals
800-A Windmill Road, Suite 2
Dartmouth, NS Canada
B3B 1L1

October 2 /09 - We're in the middle of moving to a new location and may not be able to answer your emails and calls right away. Standby- we'll be in touch soon!

September 21 /09 - Sound samples of the Diamond Tremolo have been posted on the Tremolo product page.

September 21 /09 - We've decided to revert back to our standard news style but don't forget to check us out on Facebook for additional news, user comments and more.

April 20th /09 - Guitarist Thomas Schuber is back with another Youtube demo of a Diamond product, this time showcasing the Diamond Compressor. Thomas takes the pedal through it's paces using it for compression and also as a booster.

April 1st-4th /09 - German Diamond Pedals distributor Taranaki Guitars will be displaying our products at the Musikmesse trade show. If you're attending, stop by and say hi to Arne von Brill in Hall 4.0, Booth H41 and try some Diamond products!

March 27 /09 - Diamond Pedals founder Michael Knappe recently discovered a couple of low wattage setups we wanted to share. Mike says that both of these kick butt for small stage gigs or recording!

LP>J-DriveMk3>Phase (2-stage, regen off, speed/depth@noon)>MLN2> Princeton Reverb RI

Strat>J-DriveMk3>Phase (2-stage,regen off, speed/depth@noon)>MLN2>1974X RI

Both setups mic'ed wuth a Shure SM57. Give these a try and let us know what you think or send us your own killer tone setups using Diamond Pedals!

March 16 /09 - Check out this great Youtube video of the Boost-EQ from guitarist Thomas Schuber. The Boost-EQ provides a wide range of tones with just three easy to use controls. Thomas showcases both the subtle and extreme settings available and says of the pedal- "I absolutely dig it!"

March 5/09 - It's been a busy couple of months here at Diamond Pedals. The Bass Comp and Analog Tap Tremolo are nearing completion and will begin shipping to dealers soon. The opto based tremolo pedal offers a host of great features and sounds fantastic while the Bass Comp has been requested by bassists for a while and offers some special 'tweaks' for our low end brethren.
Andy Summers has also recently purchased more Diamond pedals, with a J-Drive Mk3 and Memory Lane 2 joining his Halo and original Memory Lane pedals.

End of life notice: the Memory Lane 2 is unfortunately nearing the end of it's lifespan. The supply of NOS Panasonic MN3005 chips we use is becoming very limited and very expensive. Luckily, we've managed to stockpile a modest supply which will allow us to continue building Memory Lane 2 for a short time but when they're gone... they're gone!

January 5/09 - Happy New Year! Visit Diamond Pedals at Winter NAMM 2009. We'll be at Booth #2785. Stop to check out the new Bass Compressor (by popular demand!) and the all new Optical Tremolo featuring an all analog audio path, tap tempo, selectable waveforms and scratch tempo feature.

December 24/08 - Diamond Pedals will be closed from December 24th until January 2nd. Thanks to all of our dealers and the players who choose our pedals, for making 2008 our best year ever. We'll see you in 2009. Stay tuned for upcoming products!

October 31/08 - The revised Vibrato pedal begins shipping to dealers on Monday! Featuring true analog pitch shifting vibrato. Click the picture for more info on the Vibrato, sound clips coming soon!

September 4/08 - New Halo bass clips by Michele Tacchi have been added to the Halo product page. Also, check out the limited edition run of pedals in metallic green that recently shipped to our Japanese distributor Deviser Special Division:

August 22/08 - We'll be attending the annual MIAC trade show in Toronto, Ontario this weekend. If you're there, stop by and say 'hello'. We'll be back operating normally on Wednesday the 27th.

August 15/08 - LOTS of pedals being built right now and all dealers will be receiving Memory Lane 2 pedals in the coming weeks. Here's a quick shot of one of the assembly stations:

July 15/08 - The move to our new location and webserver changes are complete. Pedals have begun shipping again, look for J-Drive Mk3 and Halo pedals arriving at your local Diamond Pedal dealer soon.

June 27/08 - We're pleased to count Our Lady Peace guitarist Steve Mazur among our growing list of Diamond Pedals users. In other news, Buddy Miller is currently on tour backing Robert Plant and Alison Krauss on the Raising Sand Tour. Buddy is using the Diamond Compressor and Memory Lane pedals.

June 9/08 - New Diamond pedal users include Keith Scott (guitarist with Bryan Adams) and Thomas Blug - Europe's 'Strat King'. We're proud to have both players using our products!

May 9/08 - The Memory Lane 2 has begun shipping! The first batch of MLN-2 pedals are on the way to dealers and should be arriving over the next week. The first pedals have been shipped to- Action Music (Arlington, VA), Axe and You Shall Receive (Brantford, ON, Canada), Musictoyz.com (Falmouth, ME), PedalsPlus (Canfield, OH) and TrueTone Music (Santa Monica, CA)

May 2/08 - Memory Lane featured in the M. Night Shyamalan film The Happening trailer (Quicktime required). We received an email from Benjamin Hazlett, a Hollywood session player, letting us know that not only did he use the Memory Lane for that session, but that it was also used on sessions for the upcoming Wolverine and Batman- Dark Knight films.


April 24/08 - Memory Lane 2 PCBs ... click the pic for more.

April 18/08 - Memory Lane 2 build continues...not too much longer. Here's a teaser...

April 15/08 - After careful consideration and feedback from players we've decided to make some revisions to the Diamond Vibrato pedal. We decided it was too big, too expensive and too compex. As a result, we're scaling back the design to a lean, mean analog vibrato machine. There will still be some very cool features but it will be smaller, easier to use and less expensive. Stay tuned for more!

April 7/08 - Congratulations to Canadian band Wintersleep on their Juno win for Best New Artist 2008. Way to go guys!! Guitarist Tim D'Eon uses the Diamond Memory Lane and J-Drive pedals live and in the studio. Visit their website at www.wintersleep.com

March 31/08 - New features added to Memory Lane 2- in one of those "what if we did this?" moments, we've added a couple of features to the Memory Lane 2 that really add to the useability. First, we've added a 'slap' mode to Delay 1 (activated via mini toggle) so that at any delay time setting there is a single repeat regardless of the Feedback setting. This allows you to have a single repeat on Delay 1 while having any number of repeats (along with a different delay time) on Delay 2. Very cool!

The other change is to the Feedback circuit itself- the normal mode of the Memory Lane 2 is now a little less sensitive to self oscillation than the original Memory Lane. It will still self oscillate, just not quite as easily. However, we know that some players loved the crazy self oscillation sounds that are available so we've incorporated an internal selector switch that activates "spaceship mode" for all those jet fueled, screaming feedback sounds that analog delay is capable of.

March 10/08 - We get fantastic emails from customers around the world on a regular basis. Today an email arrived from a Memory Lane user who scores the NBC television show "Chuck". Timothy J. tells us that the Memory Lane is an integral part of his guitar sounds when he's scoring music for the show. Keep an ear out for the delay tones next time it's on!

We're continuing to 'tweak' the new Diamond Vibrato pedal circuit- look for some new sound clips posted on the site soon.

Rick McPhail of the popular German band Tocotronic has started using the Diamond Compressor describing it as "the peak of all compressors"- nice play on words Rick! Check out their video Mein Ruin on YouTube or their website.

Cool news! Andy Summers of The Police has recently acquired a Halo Chorus and a Memory Lane pedal from Truetone Music in Santa Monica (thanks guys!) and is currently putting them through their paces. We're big fans so this is very exciting

Come back often as we continue to build innovative sonic excellence into classic guitar effects.