Diamond Guitar Pedals

The Diamond Memory Lane - the analog delay with tap tempo control.

The Memory Lane has a number of innovations that bridge the feature
gap between analog and digital delays while retaining the warmth and
unique sound of bucket brigade delay devices in an all analog signal path.
Offering up to 550 ms delay time, tempo can be set either by dial
or by foot tap switch. When you don't need foot control of tempo, you
can use the second foot switch as an on/off switch for the modulation
feature simply by switching the small 'feature' toggle switch from 'tap'
to 'mod'.

Listen to the Diamond Memory Lane now.
Listen to more Memory Lane and other Diamond Guitar Pedal audio samples here.
Stereo Memory Lane sample here, and with a Fireburst in series here.
Stereo series fx loop sample here.
NEW Memory Lane plus ST-MIX samples on our ST-MIX page.
Feature List:
- 550 ms approx analog delay time using
2 NOS MN3005’s running at 15V
- tap tempo footswitch control of analog delay time,
OR footswitchable modulation on/off:
'feature' switch allows selection of footswitch for either
tap tempo operation or modulation on/off
- vibrato modulation depth and speed controls
- tilt EQ in delay / feedback path provides subtle control
over frequency spectrum of repeats (from increasingly
dark repeats to flat to increasingly bright repeats)
- 'kill-dry' delay only output for amplifiers with
parallel effect loops
- inserting cable into delay only output jack automatically
removes delay signal from mix output giving separate
direct only and delay only outputs
- true bypass operation for mix/direct output
- pristine signal paths using premium opamps,
polypropylene caps and metal film resistors
- expression pedal input to control feedback level
- ability to use standard 1/4" stereo to two 1/4"
mono insert cable in expression pedal input to insert
an effect or chain of effects into the feedback loop
(can also be used to insert a standard volume pedal
as feedback control)
- LED flashes for visual feedback of delay time
- self-oscillating feedback path with ability to shape
via feedback EQ in realtime
- analog voltage supply internally regulated to 15V for
low noise operation and increased headroom in line level
effect loops
- rugged genuine Hammond aluminum diecast enclosure
- DC adapter included
Download a PDF of the Diamond Memory Lane user manual here.

Now available for order, dual 9V to 18V polarity crossover cable for powering Memory Lane from
the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2. Click here to order.

Locate a Diamond Guitar Pedals dealer here.

Memory Lane Demonstration Videos

Click the image to view a QuickTime movie.
Due to their large file sizes, download times can sometimes be over a minute. Thanks for watching!

Tap Tempo

Modulation Control


Feedback Effect Loop Setup
Listen to the Memory Lane, with a Ross Phaser in the feedback effect loop,here.

Memory Lane Development

A picture of the Rev 2 PCB

On the road to our workshop...

Early samples from our Rev 1 board. These samples below are effect on only, unlike our normal samples
which have an effect off section followed by effect on.

Sample 1: no modulation
Sample 2: no modulation
Sample 3: mild modulation
Sample 4: mild modulation